We offer diamonds to Investors, Jewelry Companies and Private Persons direct from Antwerp Diamond Center and Israel Diamond Center.

Characteristics of investment diamonds

All diamonds increase in value over the years but only diamonds of an exceptional quality really stand out in terms of added value.

The following are the quality criteria that are necessary if the diamonds are to be a good long-term investment:

  • The weight of diamonds : from 0,10 carat and above
  • The shape of diamonds : Buyer request cut
  • The colour of diamonds : from D to F , or other quality as request from Buyer
  • The clarity of diamonds : from IF or LC (Loupe Clean) to VVS2
  • Proportions, symmetry, polishing : Very Good or Excellent (Buyer requests, TBN)
  • Fluorescence : None or Slight/Faint
  • Certification : GIA, HRD, IGI