Rough Procurement

Katzman AG enjoys an unparalleled supply of rough diamonds. We procure diamonds from Africa countries mining companies and artisanal miners.

We have strong cooperation with Antwerp Diamond Center and Israel Diamond Center.

In accordance with our highest ethical standards, Katzman AG takes great care to verify the provenance of its rough diamonds. Our internal distribution systems are designed to track the diamonds through the manufacturing and finishing processes.

Unparalleled supply

  • Sawables
  • Makeables
  • Cleavages
  • Industrials
  • Crystals

Our ability to procure rough diamonds allows us to support smaller diamond manufacturers with a consistent and predictable supply. Many of them are developing niche leadership positions in the polished markets.

Our commitment

Consumer Confidence: consumers buying diamonds and diamond jewelry from the Katzman AG can rely with confidence on our professional and ethical standards as well as our technical skills. We make sure that the diamond and diamond jewelry that is purchased from us is natural and conflict free, and manufactured in the best working conditions and with the highest technical skills.

Business Practices: Katzman AG is committed to conduct business in such a way that we neither support nor encourage conflict and human suffering, the use of child labor, practices that intentionally or recklessly endanger the health of individuals.

Purchase of rough diamonds

We are buyer of rough diamonds for jewelry, in Israel Diamond Center
and Antwerp Diamond Center

Diamonds from African countries.

All stones will have been purchased in strict accordance with international agreements of the Kimberley Process.

Established in 2000, this program aims to combat “the mines of shame” which finance the guerrillas in Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone. Gem quality diamonds can be found in rivers or by digging deep into the earth. They occur naturally in a range of different forms.

There are several different types of rough stone:

“Sawable” stones: These are the most popular and have an octahedral shape (like two pyramids stuck together at the base). When you find yourself in the presence of a stone like this one in the African bush, you know that you have found something exceptional, both in its purity and in its whiteness: eternity than can be held in your hands. A stone like this will be cut and yield two round cut stones. The more the rough diamond has balanced proportions the better the stones will be when cut and polished.

“Spotted” stones: These are also well-formed single crystals, but are not pure because they contain black or white inclusions that can be removed by cutting after a careful study. These stones are used to cut pear, marquise and oval shapes.

Irregular stones: These are octahedral or dodecahedral stones of irregular shape. They are carved directly, no need to cleave or saw them.

Coated stones: are stones whose quality is unkwown at the time of finding because they are covered with a sort of skin that has to be removed during the cleavage. In the Central African Republic, Zaire and Zimbabwe, this type of stone is very common.

The presentation of rough diamonds will be held at our office in Antwerp or in Tel Aviv.
Our offices located in the diamond centers of Antwerp and Tel Aviv will provide maximum security to the seller.
A passport will be required by the security guards at the entrance of the office.
After gemologist inspection, the payment will be immediate from bank to bank.

We are interested in buying “Natural Rough Diamonds” for jewelry with the below characteristics, quality, size, price, documents and schedules;

Price: At commercial competitive market prices (TBN)

Delivery Frequency: every week, monthly or as agreed between us.
Payment: bank transaction after gemologist inspection in our office.

We are looking sellers/suppliers for: